Sketch Gists — Useful snippets for plugin development

Last week I was developing an internal tool to create a design workflow for my workplace. The process involved creating a style guide for a new project by setting up the branding colours, typefaces, shadows and scrim. All went well until it was required to convert the text layers into symbols so as to generalise them as well.

Speed up Sketch workflow using Boolean Operations

Boolean operations are a very powerful tool in any Product and/or Graphics design application. A complicated looking shape can be constructed in no time using the four options present in Sketch, namely Union, Subtract, Intersect and Difference.

Releasing multi-module Android library in gradle

In the last post I had discussed how we are using product flavors to release different versions of the code base with minor changes. It had helped us serve different clients with different requirements. In this post I would share how we release multiple split libraries and have interdependencies similar to how Google releases play-services or appcompat libraries. It seems easy till the publishing day, until it is not! The problem with inter-dependency is maven does not add the version number in the pom file for local module dependencies.

Product Flavors for Android Library

Product flavors is a powerful feature of the gradle plugin in Android Studio. Several developers use it to create free/paid or full/demo versions, releasing customized versions of their product. In this post I would add product flavors to one of the libraries that I am working on. This library is an enterprise entity and different clients have different requirements with respect to minSdkVersion, targetSdkVersion, support library versions and other internal dependencies.